Why is English is important?

Why English is Important?

English is spoken by more than 2 billion people all across the world. While only 20% of that population acquire English as their mother-tongue, the rest of us learn English in particular contexts: voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary learning happens through media; through songs, movies, etc. Voluntary training mostly comprises of classroom training where each of us spend a commendable amount of learning a language.

Why is it that we do so? Why is English so important? What is it about English that makes it so important?

English is a world language today.

What is a World Language?

  • A language learned and spoken internationally
  • Characterized by the number of speakers
  • In international organizations
  • In diplomatic relations

1.1. Why should you learn English?

Love to travel?

It Is The Future

English is the primary Language of the Internet, Media, Science, and Technology.

On Demand Trending

most MNCs require a certain degree of English proficiency for potential candidates

On Demand Trending

Higher educational corpus available only in English.

Academic Growth

Higher educational corpus available only in English.

Not only this, many jobs require you to speak in English. It is the lingua franca  of today’s    global era and by knowing English, you can bring the world at your doorstep.

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