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Best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad

With our smart and rigorous IELTS training and practice, you can definitely achieve 7+ and a higher band score. Our expertise and distinguished counseling makes us one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Hyderabad.


Prepare for IELTS and know your tentative test-score through our post course series of mock tests that will give you a real-time experience. Our services are available at our Ameerpet, kukatpally, Madhapur branches in Hyderabad.


At our institute, we have the best trainers with virtuosity in IELTS who will give you complete guidance and understanding of IELTS.



If you are somebody who enjoys in-class learning and prefers to attend IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad, our classroom IELTS Training program would be perfect for you. Centered around providing satisfactory training for your IELTS Test, our batches are restricted to not more than ten people. We believe in quality coaching ensuring small-scale batches so the trainers can pay close attention to every student enrolled in the program.

We provide a structured course that includes 4 learning modules while focusing on individual modules and analyzing them during the course of the training period. The course is scheduled as a 4-week program with each week dedicated to a particular module. The program is carefully planned and organized according to the syllabus that has been customized by our trainers. This will ease the learning experience for our students and deliver a proficient understanding of the program.

Our comprehensive four week course is inclusive of extensive training methods of acing the IELTS- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and giving you adequate experience and practice regarding the same. The classes will be 2-3 hours of duration where you get to understand the test, approach it the right way and execute it in front of our trainers who will give you constructive feedback on the go. Every week of the training will focus on one language skill from the test. If required ,you can always opt in for our extra classes that are solely dedicated for additional information and counseling.

You will get an opportunity to take three mocks towards the end of the training program. This will give you a tentative score of your real IELTS Exam. Our team of trainers will also provide free assistance post the IELTS training program. You can also reach out to us for guidance until you attend and clear the final test. Our skilled trainers and effective assistance along with your thorough hard work will guarantee you a definite high band score.

We at ieltsonlinecoaching will also back you during the test registration process.

We shall provide you with complete support throughout your training and registration and guide you through your test period. We understand that no matter how prepared one may be, the final audit is always strenuous for the exam-givers and so we will offer constant moral support and aid to help boost your confidence and make sure that you excel the test with poise, composure and optimism.

Why Join Our IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad

  • Goal-driven Training
  • Practical demonstration and coaching on IELTS.
  • Test Registration assistance 
  • Backup classes
  • 1 hour dedicated towards the clarification of doubts and queries. 
  • Special Grammar lessons. 
  • Unique mock tests 
  • Free course materials + ebook 
  • Routine tasks + assignments 
  • Special course extension availability

Looking For The Best IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad?

Benefits of Our IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad

  • Around 10k institutions/organizations accept IELTS as proof of English proficiency. 
  • IELTS has 1000+ test locations in over 140 countries.
  • The test format is similar for Study, Work and Permanent residence regarding content & scoring.
  • You can retake the test as many times as possible if the score band is not satisfying.
  • Your IELTS score will add credibility to your CV during interviews and job trials.
  • IELTS is available in both American and British English Concerning spelling and grammar.
  • IELTS training enhances your English proficiency which helps you in conversation with your international clients or during a trip abroad.
  • IELTS is a standardized way to evaluate and measure your level of English.

IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad – Course Description

With the world expanding and broadening horizons, taking the IELTS test is becoming the need of the hour. People are flooding abroad with the incessant opportunities to create and build foundations for a profitable future. Prepare for the IELTS test with our experienced trainers and get a guaranteed high score.

We provide the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad, giving you the right environment and strategies to crack IELTS at one go. Our methods have proven to be effective leading to satisfactory scores. We train the students in each of the modules of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing for one week each. Each week is entitled for a different course module. The program consists of basic tests, training and grooming of the subject with necessary topics and a final wind-up test. This is the same format that takes place every week for every module.

A test will be conducted on the first day of every week to give you a real-time experience of IELTS test papers, it also helps the student track their performance. We then implement our teaching methods and techniques that will impart additional knowledge to our trainees.
We will help you throughout to achieve the ideal band score. At the end of the module, we assess you again with a test to check the improvement and analyze the performance so far.

The final mock tests are aimed to get you accustomed to the test environment and time restrictions and to give you a real-time feel of the IELTS test. In case you have any queries or require any long sessions, our trainers will be glad to help and assist you.

IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad – Course Curriculum

The IELTS course is a four-week intensive course, wherein all the aspects of the IELTS test are taught in-detail. At our IELTS institute, we offer best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad to make sure you get ample practice and experince. The classes are of 3 hours (approx.) where we have one and half hours of teaching followed by one hour practice. The IELTS test consists of four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Our course curriculum is designed accordingly.

1. Listening:

  • Sounds of English
  • Short Sentences
  • Phrasing
  • Assessment and Introduction to the module.
  • Conditions and Question Types.
  • Tips on Question Types.
  • Listening exercises (Non-timed).
  • Tips and techniques for each question type.
  • Timed listening exercises.
  • Practice test on sample questions (Non-timed)
  • Timed practice tests.
  • Regular takeaway assignments on previous years question papers.

2. Speaking:

  • Elementary Self-introductions.
  • Assessment and Introduction to the module.
  • Conditions and Question Types.
  • Methods and Techniques.
  • Tips on Question Types.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Greetings.
  • Prepared speech on sample questions.
  • On-spot speech on sample questions.
  • Speaking practice in previous years questions.
  • Practice test on previous years papers (Timed and Non-timed).

3. Reading:

  • Meaning.
  • Assessment and Introduction to the module.
  • Understanding short sentences.
  • Reading paragraphs to understand contexts.
  • Conditions and Question Types.
  • Tips on Question Types.
  • Reading exercises (Non-timed).
  • Tips and techniques for each question type.
  • Timed reading exercises.
  • Practice test on sample questions (Non-timed)
  • Timed practice tests.
  • Regular takeaway assignments on previous years question papers.

1. Writing:

  • Assessment and Introduction to the module.
  • Introduction to Sentences.
  • Basics of Grammar: Tense, Subject-Verb Agreement, Arguments, etc.
  • Conditions and Question Types.
  • Method of Writing.
  • Writing exercises (Non-timed).
  • Timed writing exercises.
  • Practice test on sample questions (Non-timed)
  • Timed reading exercises.
  • Practice test on sample questions (Non-timed)
  • Timed practice tests.
  • Regular takeaway assignments on previous years question papers.

Who Can Attend IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad?

  • Residents of Hyderabad or people who are willing to stay in the city for a month (For others, we have our online coaching and video-recorded courses.)
  • People who are interested in trainer based coaching. 
  • Aspirants who are looking to migrate to countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Job aspirants. 
  • Professionals looking for a change in their job abroad.
  • Students  who want to study abroad. 
  • People who want to improve their command of the English language. 

IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad FAQ’s

What is IELTS Coaching Fee?

You are welcome to pay in installments. For the exact fee structure of IELTS coaching in Hyderabad, please contact us on 7095856123 or enroll now.

Will you schedule a demo session with Trainer for IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad?

Yes, we will schedule a demo session with the trainer based on your preferable timings. Visit our office or reach us at 7095856123. Our executive will schedule a demo session and let you know one day prior to the demo.

Do you conduct mock test during IELTS Coaching?

Yes, mock tests will be conducted for each Module and the trainer will guide accordingly for better test score.

Will you provide IELTS Coaching material?

Yes, a soft copy of the course material will be shared with you through Google Drive.

What if I miss a class or classes for IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad?

No worries. If you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

Will Trainer guide with IELTS Writing and Speaking modules in IELTS Coaching?

Yes, the trainer will guide you with tips to crack IELTS Writing & Speaking modules easily. Mock tests will be conducted for each module to make your IELTS test easy.

How about cancellation and Refunds?

You can raise a cancellation request within 2 classes upon the start of a batch. Your payment will be refunded in that case. But after the 2nd class of the starting of a batch, your amount will not be refunded.

Will you Provide Training for individual modules?

Yes, we also will provide training for individual modules. Contact us on 7095856123 or enroll now for more info. Our executive will help accordingly.

May I know the charges for Individual modules?

We will provide individual module training at reasonable price. Feel free to reach us on 7095856123 for more info.

IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad – Score Proof

About IELTS coaching in Hyderabad score card

About Our IELTS Trainer

Anindita Choudhury

Anindita Choudhury

English Language Trainer
& Instructional Course Designer

Anindita Choudhury is the lead English Language trainer and Instructional Course Designer for English at PTE Online. With past training experience at the Center for International Education Exchange (CIEE), she is a master in training not just the language but the science behind it.

Her passion towards the English language led her towards research in Second Language Acquisition. Her zeal and commitment to teaching magnetized her towards edifying students in the English language. Her interactive sessions and one to one approach during classes make her stand out from the rest of the language trainers.

IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad -Testimonials

IELTS Online Coaching is one of the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad. Here Trainer will guide with Four modules listening, Speaking, Reading & Working test pattern and how to score good bandwidth.


Best IELTS coaching center available in Hyderabad. Mock Test and scoft copy of material shared during the course. Thanks to Trainer for guiding me to get a good score.


Nice IELTS Training Institute available in Hyderabad. I’m happy with their services.

Hari Deepak

Here Trainer guided me with four modules and helped with cracking the IELTS Test. Mock tests will be conducted during training.


Best place to take IELTS coaching in Hyderabad. Trainer will expalin each module & also conducts mock tests for each modules.


Attend Classroom Training in IELTS coaching in Hyderabad, trainer guided with four modules test pattern to crack IELTS test easily.