IELTS tips for self study

  1. You need a method- Do you have a technique or method for every aspect of the IELTS tips for self study. For example, have you practice a particular way of writing an introduction or an approach for paragraph headings questions in the reading test or a technique for giving longer answers in speaking part 3. If you have a method for everything you will feel much more confident going into the test.
  2. Small improvements- You will not find any special technique that will lead to a dramatic improvement in your score. Improvements happen slowly when you work on little things like adding one or two useful items of vocabulary to an essay or understanding one particular grammar mistakes that you often make.
  3. Less testing, more preparing- If all you do is test yourself your score will not improve. Just test yourself maybe once a week and spend the rest of the time preparing. This could mean working on vocabulary for IELTS topics or working slowly through a reading test using a dictionary or writing a model answer for speaking questions.
  4. Understanding is not the same as using- Many students think they know when they understand. But this is not correct. You know a word when you can use it correctly in a full sentence.
  5. Learn from your mistakes- This is probably the best way to improve in terms of both grammar and exam techniques. If you make grammar mistakes, you need to understand what you did wrong. If you get the wrong answer for reading and listening questions analyze your mistakes and correct the answers carefully.

  1. Forget about difficult words and complex grammar- Too many students are obsessed with the idea of using complicated language. In this situation they get lower score their sentences seem forced and unnatural. So what’s the answer to this problem.
  2. Answers the question- Instead of worrying about difficult language focus on answering the question in a natural way as you would do in your own language.
  3. The topic of vocabulary. Not ‘any essay’ phrases- You will not benefit from learning a list of phrases that can be used in an essay. Examiner is not impressed by these phrases. The only vocabulary that impresses the examiners is topic vocabulary. This means words and phrases that are specific to the question topics.
  4. There isn’t a secret- As it is already discussed previously, there is no unique technique that will lead to an immediate dramatic improvement in your score. Just keep practicing and keep learning.
  5. Work hard instead of worry- Instead of spending your time worrying about the score you need to open a book or pick up your pen and do some work. If you know, you have worked hard and prepared well you’ll feel much more confident going into the exam.

Hope IELTS tips for self study article helpful!

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