IELTS computer test Myths vs Facts

Are you planning to write computer-based IELTS but having some confusion about this type of test. It’s quite normal. Many misconceptions are there with the computer-delivered IELTS test. Here are some IELTS Computer Test Myths Vs Facts:

Myth: Most of the candidates think that computer-based test is completely different from the paper-based IELTS test.

Fact: The only difference is that a keyboard used for computer-based test and a pencil used for the paper-based test. Except this, all the other facet of IELTS test will be the same as scoring, difficulty, content and question types in Listening, Reading, and Writing sections. A trained IELTS examiner will carry out the Speaking section face to face. It is the same for both types of test.

Myth: Is it possible to attain all sections of the IELTS exam on the computer.

Fact: A candidate can attain all the three section except the speaking section of the IELTS test on a computer. The speaking test will have complete face-to-face by an IELTS examiner for both types of IELTS test.

Myth: There is myth which says computer-based test is easier and more reliable than the paper-based test.

Fact: All the content regarding the IELTS exam is same for both the computer-delivered exam and paper-based exam, so the difficulty level is the same for both types. The test is just a matter of comfort level of the candidate to choose computer -delivered of paper-based.

Myth: Some of them feel that the paper-based test is easier and more reliable when compared with computer-delivered test.

Fact: Again, there is no difference between the paper-based test and computer-based test. Candidates can go for any test on their comfort level.

There will be a help button available in the computer-delivered test. The button will provide info on question types and how the test works. Candidate has an option to change the setting like font size for the test. Before sitting for the final test, it needs to practice more and more computer-based test to get familiar with the process.

Myth:Candidate needs a computer to take the computer-delivered IELTS test.

Fact: Candidates are not allowed to bring their personal stuff like laptops, headphones, etc. The test center will supply all the necessary equipment. So there is no use of having a personal computer during the computer-delivered IELTS test.

Myth:A candidate can take the IELTS exam whenever and wherever they want.

Fact: Both the computer-delivered and paper-based test is available on selected days on different test centers. You have to pick your preferred type test and choose the test center which will be available for your type of test.

Myth: Due to the introduction of computer-delivered IELTS test the Speaking test will be more difficult now.

Fact: Speaking test is the same for both types of test. The IELTS trained expert will take a face-to-face speaking test.

Myth: The computer-based test price is low when compared with paper-based test.

Fact: The price of IELTS exam is generally different depending on the location. So candidates have to pay the same amount of fee for the test.

Computer-delivered test is available on some of the fixed selected locations. So If you want to appear computer-delivered IELTS test, please check the details whether it is available on the center you will choose for the test.

Myth: Only multiple choice question will be available for listening and reading the section for the computer-delivered test.

Fact: For both the type of test a variety of questions will include such as summary completion, note completion, diagram completion, sentence completion, multiple choice, etc.

Myth: The final score will be available for both the type of test at the same time.

Fact: It will take 5-7 days to get the final score for the computer-delivered IELTS test. For the paper-based test, the score will be available after 13 days of the test.

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