How to Learn English Grammar

How To Learn English Grammar

This course takes a bottom-up approach to English where we can look at English language training as a pyramid.

It is very important to get acquainted to the sounds of a language to learn that language, for example: the Spanish /r/ in ‘perro’ (dog) is not available in English or the Hindi /ksh/ in ‘kshitij’ (). Similarly, certain sounds which are available in English, might not be available in your language.

For example, the /g/ in ‘beige’ is often difficult to find in most Indian languages. For the above-mentioned reason, the first part of the book will deal with the sounds of the language.

How To Learn English Grammar.

We, as human beings, talk in terms of sentences, which are in turn made of words. In the second part of the book, we will primarily deal with words. Words do not occur in a vacuum, so it is important to understand the context in which each word appears in the sentences we speak.

The introduction of vocabulary will be intermittently practiced with contextual sentences to help develop spoken proficiency of English.

Apart from that, this section will also look into the stress patterns prevalent in English which bring about a difference in meaning.

The third section of the book is concerned with sentence and rules sentence of sentence formation (or the much-dreaded word GRAMMAR).

Note: Grammar is about understanding, rather than learning.

The fourth and the final section of the book will deal with native accents and how to neutralize it in a manner to sound more comprehensible to others. This section is a follow up of the first section devoted to sounds.

Turn the pages when you are prepared to unlearn a lot of traditional things you learnt at school and set on a voyage of experiencing a new language.

Note: A new language opens us up to a new culture and new possibilities, so open your mind and begin a new experience altogether.

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