IELTS writing task time management

In IELTS Writing task time management, you have only one hour to complete two writing task and to complete this writing tasks it takes excellent time management skills. You can get a higher rating if you manage the given time well and will be able to complete the section in time.

Decide how much time you will take to complete each task. In academic training, need to write a report but when comes to general training, we need to write a letter. You have to write 150 words for both the section. In the second task, you have to write 250 words essay for both the test. The essay writing task 2 will take more time, so you need to spend more time on it than the report writing of task 1. Ideally, you should spend 40 minutes on task 2 and 20 minutes for task 1.


In IELTS Writing Task time management general test, you could follow these timelines: Take 3 minutes for planning, 10 minutes for writing and 2 minutes to check for any mistakes in task 1 you. In task 2 the time will be 5 minutes for planning, 30 minutes for writing and 5 minutes to check for errors and to make it correct. This is just a sample of an ideal time to manage your time during the test.

You may find it challenging to complete your task as per the time is given here if you haven’t prepared yourself properly. Here are some essential points which will help you to prepare yourself for the test.

Understand what the time limit feels like

To understand the time limit and to match the exact time to finish the test you need a lot of practice. Start by doing one task at a time and try to finish it up within the time restriction given above. We may find it difficult at first, but with continued practice, you will improve over time.

Be aware of your common errors to save time when revising

Try to figure out your weakness, so you can find the mistakes without wasting your time. For example, if you often forget to use articles or punctuation mark, recheck your article for that particular errors only.

Another point to consider that don’t waste your time by counting the words of your writing. Try to calculate the approximate word you are writing in a line during practice test. Remember that every second is valuable.

Get familiar with the question types and know how to work with them

You might get panic if you are unable to understand the type of questions and the answers examiner is looking for. You can prepare yourself through IELTS practice test or preparation books. You can find hundreds of practice test online where you can practice easily.

Make a brief outline before you write

In the long run, take a few minutes to brainstorm and map out your essay. By focusing on the task with the help of the outline will help you to improve your writing.

Know to prepare yourself with all the resources available around you and try to finish the given task within the time to get the rating you want.

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